Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Take that shift and shove it...

As a Yankees fan, I'll admit to having a rocky relationship with Jason Giambi, who has been with the team since 2002. He replaced Tino Martinez, then there was that whole steroids mess, then he just kind of sucked and always looked greasy. But in this season, a contract year for him, I confess that he's been one of my favorite parts of watching the Yanks (along with Moose's improbably successful season and the rise of Joba the Starter). There's the 'stache, of course, and then there's this little number from last night. 

The scene: Giambi has a base hit stolen away by the shift. In his next at bat, well, let's go to the tape:

Heh heh.

Bonus (for when the non-fun-loving bigwigs at MLB inevitably take down Giambi's little gesture):
The 'Stache talks about... the 'Stache

Oh Jason... it is ALL '70s porn star.

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