Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Keith Richards/Steve Van Zant Honorary Head Scarf

When I play Guitar Hero and am feeling in a silly mood (which is a given when alcohol is involved), I like to wear what I have dubbed the "Keith Richards/Steve Van Zant Honorary Head Scarf." It's a black and white striped silk scarf that I got from H&M a while ago and I tie it around my head like everyone's favorite pirate daddy/mob consigliere in an effort to boost my Guitar Hero skills. Because, as anyone who plays the guitar knows, it's all about how you look when you play.

Anyway, I decided to wear my scarf this weekend at what essentially turned out to be a Guitar Hero summit at a friend's place. It was a fucking blast, and I both kicked ass and partied like a rock star. I think I partied a little too hard, though. When I finally got a look at myself in the mirror, hungover, wearing the same clothes I wore last night, with my massively disheveled hair tied up in the scarf, I had to laugh. I walked into the spare bedroom where everyone was congregating and announced that maybe I had been channeling Keith Richards a bit too much. After all that fun, I was starting to look as haggard as him. Of course, the good news is that this means that maybe I can channel Keith Richards enough to make myself indestructible, as good old Keith is perceived to be. The bad news is that, of course, I would look like Keith Richards.

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