Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So the Foo Fighters just announced a new show this summer at the Meadowlands on July 29th, and I'm debating if it's worth it to go. I was admittedly a bit underwhelmed by their setlist at the Garden, but by July, there's a good chance they'll change it up, especially when hitting an area that they hit on the first leg. And also, I'm on a mission to make the month of July the most event-filled ever. So far I've got Ricky Gervais and Bruce, and I'm hoping for another Bruce show (yeah I know, greedy), a Yankees game on my birthday and now maybe the Foos. (I'm also hoping for Eddie Izzard at the end of June, the Police at the beginning of August and Radiohead at some point during the summer when they announce US shows that aren't the All Points West festival.)

Now when is Weezer going to announce the release date (and potential tour, please) for Album #6? That would make my summer pretty fucking perfect.  

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