Saturday, January 05, 2008

There's Something About (Hating) Ticketmaster

When I bought Ricky Gervais tickets for my parents to give to me for Christmas, it was a tossup as to which date to get tickets for - I pulled up nearly identical seats for both shows. So I went for the 15th. How was I supposed to know that July 15th was the date for the baseball all-star game at Yankee Stadium?

Not that that's going to be an easy (or cheap) ticket, but.... boo.

Semi-related (because the Ricky Gervais tickets arrived today and I was looking at them), I'm no consumer advocate, but doesn't it seem that any and everyone who buys a ticket to a concert/performance/sporting event is getting royally raped by Ticketmaster? There is a disclaimer on the back of the ticket saying TIME, OPPONENT, ROSTERS AND DATE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. ENJOY THE EVENT! So in addition to tacking an additional $20 onto your order for the "convenience" of doing battle with the scalpers' automated programs so you can buy a ticket in the upper tier, you are seemingly not guaranteed to see the event you paid for. Lovely!

I hate you, Ticketmaster. 

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