Thursday, January 03, 2008

I think I'm kind of crushing on new L&O executive assistant DA Michael Cutter (aka Linus Roache). He's no Jack McCoy, that's for damn sure, but I kind of like him. And I'm loving Jeremy Sisto as the new cop. It may never be the same post-Jerry Orbach, but I think this new lineup has a lot of potential (even though it did make me really sad to see the credits march without Sam Waterston).

Also, I went to see Juno today (awesome, full review to follow) and among the trailers was one for Made of Honor, a My Best Friend's Wedding ripoff starring Patrick Dempsey. The movie looks horrendous, but there were two really well-orchestrated bits of physical comedy involving Dempsey crashing into a waiter at a restaurant in the trailer. Well played, crappy romantic comedy trailer, well played.

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