Friday, January 04, 2008


When I was in middle school, I loved staying home from school because I could watch Saturday Night Live reruns on Comedy Central (you can probably trace my desire to be a comedy writer back to then) and music videos on MTV. Sure, Real World reruns were more plentiful on the channel, but there actually were a few music videos on, and if you were lucky, you'd see some classics directed by Spike Jonze (namely from the oeuvre of the Beastie Boys).

I thought back then that maybe someday, I'd get my big break via music video - befriend some up and coming band, offer to shoot a video for them in return for the exposure but now, what good is a music video when there's no outlet for it? I mean, sure, there's YouTube, but you can't intentionally manufacture a viral sensation, you know? And so if you make a music video now, exactly why are you doing it? If someone doesn't know your band, they won't seek you out on YouTube, whereas in a block of videos, it is possible that a band might be exposed to someone who isn't already familiar with their music.

Anyway, all of this is because the Foo Fighters just keep making hilarious, awesome videos, regardless of MTV's failure to live up to their 'M.' It involves 70s porn star mustaches, killer sideburns, Rashida Jones, and lots of screaming girls. Watch it and be awed.

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