Saturday, August 11, 2007

Vacation: All I Ever Wanted?

I love vacation, I really do.  But there's just something about going to Disney World that doesn't really feel like... well... vacation.  I always find myself coming home from a trip to Florida and thinking... "I need a vacation."

Ah well.

Vacation did tend to overwhelm the awesomeness that was Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp back in Rent on Broadway, which was simply incredible (and happened to be the day before we left for the trip). And I missed so much while I was in Mickeyland.  The Police playing 3 shows in NYC, Matt Nathanson tickets going on sale, the Yankees making a bunch of roster moves (Mike Myers and Miguel Cairo DFA??), the love of my life Michael Cera (George Michael Bluth)* doing a shitload of press for Superbad...

Tonight's SNL rerun's host is Hugh Laurie.  A hit or miss episode, but when they gave Hugh center stage, it was quite good.  The man's got a sense of humor that's just a bit too classy and sophisticated for SNL these days.  Or maybe I just didn't care because I was too distracted by his attractive self.  And his accent...  
*I've decided that this is not inappropriate as he is only three years younger than me.

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