Friday, August 24, 2007

*insert obvious "Superbad is Supergood" line here*

You may remember, around 2004, when it seemed that every male on the planet celebrated the 18th birthday of the Olsen twins. And there was a slightly similar, yet slightly less exuberant celebration on the female side when Daniel Radcliffe (he of Harry Potter fame) hit the age of consent.

And yet, even though I find all that just a bit questionable, I definitely took note when Michael Cera turned 18. Cause George Michael Bluth is legal now. Which means it's totally NOT inappropriate that I was crushing on him during Superbad. And I'm totally crushing on Superbad itself. It's smart and dumb, gross and sweet, and altogether incredibly entertaining.

How much can you really say about a movie like this? It's painfully funny, and I don't want to ruin any of the hilarious jokes. Seth and Evan are dorks, but they're real, dimensional dorks. Each and every role is perfectly cast, from Seth, Evan, and Fogel (McLovin!) to the girls they lust after. And Seth Rogen and Bill Hader fit right in as the authority figures who have no desire to be authoritative at all - unless it means that they can use their guns and run red lights.

If I had one complaint, it would be that the film is just a bit too long. Rogen and Hader's subplot, although funny, could probably stand to be trimmed down a bit, as could the party that Seth and Evan go to with Joe LoTruglio's character (I take such joy in spotting alums from The State - which is coming to DVD! - in random comedies). But all in all, it's funny as hell and a great movie with which to end the summer.

Unrelated, Will Forte is on Flight of the Conchords this week! I'm psyched. Although it may be hard to top the idea of a threesome with the boys that was presented in last week's episode...

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