Monday, March 19, 2007

Musical Memories

It's amazing how one song or album can bring you so vividly back to a place. I first discovered the Arcade Fire shortly before my trip to Cannes last year. I was flying all by myself, and after I had exhausted the possibilities of the inflight video on demand entertainment system (which was actually quite good), it was time for the iPod. I listened to Funeral. And I listened to it again. And again.

And when I heard "Wake Up" on Lauren's mix CD the other day, it was a crazy flashback. No longer was I in a rental car heading east on the 10. I was sitting in the Paris airport, waiting to board a flight to Nice, filled with equal parts excitement and fear. I was relaxing in a bunk bed, writing mini-reviews of the three movies I had seen earlier that day. I was sitting on the balcony at 4 AM, trying to sober up and squeeze in a few hours of sleep before I headed out for the next day's 8 AM screening. Damn, I had a good time.

I wish I could go back this year.

1 comment:

m said...

i feel the same way too.
there are four or so songs that i associate with cannes.

and they just instantly bring me back to that place when i listen to them.

i wish i could go back also, bud.