Thursday, February 08, 2007

To Widescreen or Not to Widescreen?

If there's one thing I take more seriously than anything else in my film snobbery, it's aspect ratio. There's nothing that bothers me more than watching a widescreen movie in pan and scan, or, on our HDTV at home, watching a standard definition TV show stretched out to 16:9. Say what you will about the size and shape of the TV, but I want to watch a movie in the format the director intended. That being said, even though I own the DVDs in widescreen, there's something I can't object to when it comes to the Star Wars trilogy in pan and scan. 10 year old Christina didn't care about the aspect ratio of Star Wars when she first saw it.

Point? I came home from my internship the other day and The Empire Strikes Back - my personal favorite of the trilogy - was on TV. And watching it made me happy. It made me remember why I loved movies so much in the first place. And I didn't care that it wasn't in widescreen.

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