Sunday, February 25, 2007

Reno 911!: Miami


That would be how I feel about the Reno 911 movie.

On one hand, how can you not love the sheer inappropriateness brought about by an R rating, cameos by The Rock and Paul Rudd, and a reunion of the team behind the best sketch comedy show you never watched, The State. But... sitting here an hour after the movie got out, the most memorable thing about the movie was the cover version of "Police and Thieves," which made me think "Oh no, someone covered this song and now there will be people who don't know it's by The Clash!"

I mean, yeah, it was funny. I laughed. And really, it would have made a great 30 minute episode. But a 90 minute movie (err... not even 90 minute movie)? Not so much. Even though it doesn't seem right to complain about a complete and total lack of coherence in the plot for a movie like this, I will. Because it all seemed like a bunch of sketches stuck together. And sure, nudity and profanity are fun, but when that's not what originally made the show funny, it seems like a crutch to fall back on for cheap laughs.

I was super glad to see the Stella boys. I definitely squealed when I saw David Wain and was kind of surprised that there wasn't much more of a reaction. There was a bit more of a buzz when Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black showed up, but that's probably due to Michael Ian Black's I Love the 80s work. Also, Paul Rudd's Scarface impression was pretty hilarious, probably one of the most amusing parts of the movie for me.

I know I haven't seen Hot Fuzz yet, but based on the screenplay, I think it did the action movie spoof descending into action movie actuality with a climactic shootout better. Also, Hot Fuzz trailer on the big screen? Hi-larious. Either the trailer was different than the one I had previously seen, or I got more out of it having read the script. The sight of Nicholas Angel on what appeared to be some form of public transportation despondently clutching his plant was brilliant, and it just looks so good. Also: Simon Pegg - swoon. I'm stoked.

(Ok I just went back and watched the trailer on and it's the one I just saw in the theater, so I guess I just got more out of it after reading the script.)

So yeah, Reno 911!: Miami definitely has its funny moments... sadly, the funny moments just aren't enough to fill out the entire hour and a half.

Ohhhhh... Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is on right now. Goddammit, do I ever have a thing for Robert Downey Jr. in this movie.

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