Thursday, December 18, 2008

The change was made uptown and the Big Man (and his scrawny buddy) joined the band

Hello there, boys. Lookin' good in those pinstripes.

As is evident from the picture, CC and A.J. had their big press conference at the (old, *sniff*) Stadium today.  Both said all the right things, and Burnett has begun the process of winning me over by being frank about his history of injuries and getting in a dig at former teammate Carl Pavano. Hey, someone's gotta say it now that Moose is.... aw, that makes me sad to write.

Anyway, neither guy has managed to get hurt or attack a cameraman yet. So far so good. 

And now that this is all official, I have to ask, can we show a little love to Chien-Ming Wang? With all the talk of the "1-2 punch" that Sabathia and Burnett comprise, have we already relegated Wang to the number three starter in the rotation? Certainly some consideration has to be given to making him number two, no?

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