Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Stranger Than Fiction

The jury is still out on Stranger Than Fiction. I liked it well enough, and there were things about it that I loved - like Will Ferrell singing "Whole Wide World" and bringing Maggie Gyllenhaal "flours" and basically the whole sequence where he wooed her, but I couldn't help but continually feel like it was a Charlie Kaufmann movie for people who find Charlie Kaufmann's movies to be too much. To someone who does not find that to be true, it makes the movie a little lacking, but still entertaining.

Will Ferrell was great, and I know that for someone who prides herself on being a serious student of film, I like Will Ferrell more than I should. But I definitely admire the fact that he wanted to branch out and take a role in a film that required a little more thought that Talladega Nights (the only redeeming feature of which was Mr. Sasha Baron Cohen), and I think he was successful in that respect. And of course, how could we forget Tony Hale, who, like all of the cast of Arrested Development, will hopefully go on to a long and fruitful career. He wanted to go to space camp! The movie would have been amazing if only he said "Hey hermano." Oh, Arrested...

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